We would like to publish a Czech translation of a wonderful children’s book HORTENZIE A STÍN. We think that Czech children will love this book.
Hortense hates her shadow. The shadow follows her every night and grows darker and scarier. When Hortense finally shakes the shadow off she realises that she is just a little powerless girl, quite alone and surrounded by dark woods. This poetic illustrated story is for all children who are sometimes scared of their own shadow.
We would like to introduce this book to Czech readers and publish 1000 copies but we need some financial support to be able to print and distribute the book. You can support us financially by making a donation. You will receive a book (or books) in return for your donation. The campaign website is in Czech but the donation process should hopefully be clear. Whether you want to read more about the book, watch a video or make a donation, please follow the link below. Thank you in advance for your support. We hope the story of the little girl Hortense and her shadow will find its way to Czech readers.