Start Learning Czech This September

What is the best time to learn Czech? Now!

People often dream about things instead of doing them and learning a new language is one of them. Honestly, how many times have you thought of starting learning Czech? Have you started? Not yet? When it comes to language learning, words like “one day”, “when I am less busy”, “soon”, and “next year” are dangerous. They are your enemies. You are searching for the word “now”.

The summer holiday is over. September is here and so is a new school year. There is something magical about September even though your are not a student any more. It is time for new beginnings. Now is the time to think about your goals, motivation and start having regular Czech lessons.

Registration for our autumn workshops, private one-to-one lessons and conversations groups in London is now open.

All of our courses are taught by communicative methods involving active learning and useful language skills. We offer individual approach and all lessons are based on your needs. Tell us what your goals are and we will tell you how to make it a reality. Just start. Right now.