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The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country of stories. Its beautiful capital Prague is literally in the middle of Europe. Discover the capital and other major cities full of historical sites and outstanding architecture. Relax in the countryside and enjoy picturesque landscapes.


History and Traditions

The Czech history is very diverse and rich. Hundreds of traditions have been created on the nation’s journey from “Bohemia” to “Czechia.” Discover Czech folklore and learn about the dramatic moments of this small country in the middle of central Europe.

Czech Cuisine

Czech cuisine is not exactly synonymous with healthy cooking, but everybody will find a meal they’ll love. It may be the traditional roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut, the fruit filled dumplings, Svíčková, gulash, the apple strudel or the Czech beer.


Literature and Arts

The trajectory of Czech arts and literature over the centuries and into the present day has mirrored its turbulent history. Discover Czech culture through works by illustrious Czech artists, like Hrabal, Havel, Kundera, Kafka, Toyen, Mucha, Kaplický and Jiřičná.