Learning Resources

 At the Czech Language Club, we aim to introduce you to a lot of resources that will make your learning easier and more enjoyable. Fortunately as someone who has chosen to learn Czech, you now have a whole range of interesting resources at your disposal. Anything from grammar books, text books and dictionaries to films, videos and songs will help you on your Czech journey.


Explore Czech Learning Resources


Language Materials

There are a few things you need when you start learning a language. First of all, get yourself a grammar book which will introduce you to hundreds of rules and words. A good grammar book has shows you many examples and offers enough exercises. It provides you with explanations and answers to your questions. You also need to get a good dictionary. Do it either online or in print and take advantage of the Internet. It is full of grammar guides, exercises, frequency lists, dictionaries, and videos.

Culture Resources

Learning language should be inherently connected to discovering culture. The Czech Republic has lots to offer. Apart from beautiful Prague we have many other interesting cities, towns and nature, great beer, significant literature as well as a specific sense of humour. If you want to learn Czech, go and explore it all. Read a book or read hundreds. Jump on a train and travel around the country. Listen to the radio and audiobooks, watch films, cook a new dish, sing songs or learn about the country’s history.

Czech for Children

 If you are raising up your children bilingually, you have to put an extra effort into exposing your children to your language. Stories are a great way to introduce new words and ideas into a child’s language. If you have forgotten all the nursery rhymes and songs from your own childhood, it is time to rediscover them with you little ones. Explore new books, programmes, and songs and remind yourself the ones you loved when you were little.