Registration Form

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Please fill out in full and use one form per registrant. Upon registration you are agreeing to consistent term payments of Czech Sunday Club regardless of whether or not your child is absent on any given days and you also agree to all policies set forth by Czech Language Club:


I individually as a parent/guardian of the child identified above hereby agree to the following:

Czech Language Club takes all reasonable care to ensure that its programmes are fun and safe. I have read the Czech Language Club policies and understand them. I confirm that I have fully disclosed to Czech Language Club all conditions (whether physical, mental or behavioural or otherwise) that my child has or may have before my child participates in the class. As far as is permitted under Local Law, I assume the risks and accept responsibility for any injury sustained by my child. I further discharge and hold harmless Czech Language Club including its owners, officers & personnel including its coaches and its suppliers) from any liability arising from any injury to my child or other persons or property caused by my child’s participation in the Czech Language Club programme if that injury is caused either by my or my child’s fault; or by a third party unconnected with Czech Language Club. The provision of services; or by events with Czech Language Club, its owners, officers & personnel including its coaches and supplier, could not have foreseen or prevented even if they had taken reasonable care.