Oh My God in Czech

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Language Articles

When you visit Prague and see hundreds of beautiful baroque churches you might think that you are in a very religious country. This could not be further from the truth. “Once a Catholic majority region, today the Czech Republic has some of the highest degrees of atheism, agnosticism, and/or religious indifference of any nation in the world.”

Even though majority of Czech people are not religious they still celebrate Christmas and Easter and commonly use different variations of words related to Christianity. The most common is BŮH (God), JEŽÍŠ (Jesus) and MARIE (Mary). Czech native speakers use these words when they want to express their emotions, like anger, surprise or impatience. Learn some of them and use them in a sentence.

Proboha (for God’s sake)

Proboha co jsi dělal? (What have you done?)


Panebože! (Good Lord)

Panebože co se stalo? (What’s happened?)


Propánajána (derived from God)

Propánajána tady je všude voda! (The water is everywhere!)


Ježiš (Jesus)

Ježiš já jsem zapomněla doma mobil. (I forgot my phone at home.)


Ježiši (derived from Jesus)

Ježiši dělej! (Come on!)


Ježišikriste (derived from Jesus Christ)

Ježišikriste to je katastrofa! (That is a disaster!)


Ježiškote (derived from Jesus)

Ježiškote to je krásné štěňátko! (That’s a wonderful puppy!)


Ježišmarjá (derived from Jesus, Mary)

Ježišmarjá kde jsi? Čekám už hodinu! (Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for an hour!)


Šmarja (derived from Jesus, Mary)

Šmarja zase máme králíka. (We are having a rabbit again.)


Šmankote (derived from Jesus, Mary)

Šmankote co to máš na sobě? (What are you wearing?)