Michaela Sanytrova


Michaela is a language tutor with experience of teaching Czech at all levels, with teaching qualifications from the Charles University and Palacký University, and an MA in Czech Philology and Literature from the University of Ostrava.

Prior to establishing the Czech Language Club, she worked for various London language institutes and schools including SSEES UCL, the Czech School without Borders, the Czech Centre, and the London Language Studio.

She has a lifelong passion for languages and literature, and introducing Czech language and literature to foreign students is her passion as well as her job. Her first bilingual book for children My name is Karamel was published in August 2015. She enjoys learning languages herself and speaks Czech, Slovak, English, Polish and German. She is interested in bilingualism, second language acquisition and translations.

I had really struggled with learning Czech for some time when I decided to have one-to-one lessons with Michaela. Our classes quickly became one of the very best parts of my week and still are, several years later. She makes learning Czech a real joy. She is an incredibly kind, patient and intelligent teacher and I truly cannot recommend her highly enough.

Rebecca Bell

I would rate Michaela very highly. She is an outstanding teacher, who puts a lot of thought, effort and preparation into each class. She is a very personable and friendly person and this makes each lesson fun, interesting and productive. She is always really patient and encouraging, as well as being flexible to meet up at a time that suits.

David Gurr


“Fall in love with Czech. Once you love it nothing can stop you on your journey to fluency.” Michaela Sanytrova