When you are learning new languages you might become frustrated. My students often say the same thing: “I can possibly never learn the endless number of unfamiliar words!” Does it sound familiar? Well, your feeling is absolutely understandable. Let’s have a look at some statistics. An average Czech person uses 3000 to 10000 words on a daily basis depending on their education. The passive vocabulary of an educated Czech person is about 50000 words. But you cannot do it. You just have to learn how to memorise new words.

We will be bringing you useful tips for mastering Czech vocabulary. Today we start with one of our favourite tools for memorising new words – images.

Using pictures is a proven method for learning languages. I personally like using Google Images for memorising new words. It works best with basic nouns, adjectives and verbs. The only thing you have to do is to find 15 minutes every day, sit down, open Google and have a list of new words that you are trying to learn.

1. Open your Google browser

2. Type the word you want to memorise into Google (e.g. beruška)

3. Select “Images” and discover many pictures

It is a very easy and quick way how to learn. Using your visual memory helps you to memorise words faster. Repeat the word a few times and try to remember one of the pictures. Next time you see a little ladybird somewhere, your brain will tell you that in Czech people call it “beruška”. Have fun!

Michaela Sanytrová