This week, we are going to look at the place where you live. Do you know how to say a chair in Czech? Židle. Well done! And what about a carpet? Koberec. Great! There are so many words when it comes to a flat or house. Have you tried learning these words from a book? It is not a bad idea but it is quite boring and not very effective. I have a better method for you. Let’s go shopping together! Actually, let’s just pretend that we are shopping.

Everyone knows IKEA, right. You either love it or hate it. If you like it, it helps. However, it is not important for learning at all. We are going to browse their website because they have simply everything! You will see thousands of pictures and learn how to say a wardrobe, sink, shelf, cupboard and many other words. You will see many pictures of a table therefore a word stůl should really stick in your head. Their photographs are beautiful which helps a lot. People like nice things and our brain remembers them better.

There are so many options how to approach learning new words with the IKEA website. You can simply browse the website and learn nouns (závěs, lampa, sklenička), or go further and do adjectives (modrý, béžový, šedý). Once you know how to name all objects, you can practice numbers and look at prices.

It might even inspire you to do some shopping, therefore you should make a shopping list (nákupní seznam). You can also put some items into the basket (do košíku) and test yourself on these words later. Options are endless when it comes to Ikea.

Follow me and have fun with learning new words!


1. Open

2. Select one category (e.g. Ložnice)

3. Select another category (e.g. osvětlení)

4. Browse all items belonging to the chosen category (e.g. lampy etc.)

I believe that you will truly enjoy this activity. And if you have Czech people around, invite them to join you. It will be even more fun and they can correct your pronunciation.

Michaela Sanytrová