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Why is Learning Czech Online a Good Idea?

Introduction: Learning a second language is an added advantage with the changing business environment and globalization. The probability of your educational and employment career will be boosted because of learning a language and able to interpret it as well as speak...

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Looking for Czech Teachers

We are looking for an experienced Czech language tutor to join our team. To apply, please email us your CV at  Job description:  Czech teacher providing Czech tuition in London. The tutor will work with young people and...

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Czech Films in Barnes: Postřižiny (1980)

We would like to invite you to our Czech Film Screening organised by the Czech Language Club and Velehrad. We will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. We have chosen a Czech film set in the first half of the 20th century...

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Support Our Children’s Book

We would like to publish a Czech translation of a wonderful children's book HORTENZIE A STÍN. We think that Czech children will love this book. Hortense hates her shadow. The shadow follows her every night and grows darker and scarier. When Hortense...

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Oh My God in Czech

When you visit Prague and see hundreds of beautiful baroque churches you might think that you are in a very religious country. This could not be further from the truth. “Once a Catholic majority region, today the Czech Republic has some of the highest...

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Often Confused Words: OVOCE vs OVCE

One letter can make a big difference. In this series of articles we will introduce the words which confuse our students the most. Do you make the same mistakes? Test yourself!     OVOCE and OVCE Take a moment to think of what these two words...

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Czech Films in Barnes: Pelíšky (1999)

We would like to invite you to our third Czech Film Screening organised by the Czech Language Club and Velehrad. This event is for Czech nationals, Czech language students and everyone who is interested in Czech culture. The screening is on Saturday 23rd...

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I am Learning Czech and I Struggle with…

All students have their “favourite” word, phrase or a grammar topic in a foreign language. By “favourite” I actually mean the one they absolutely detest. There are some words that students cannot pronounce or just cannot remember no matter how hard they...

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The Hardest Thing About Learning Czech

People often say that Czech is one of the most difficult languages in the world. I do not really believe in “difficult” and “easy” languages. For instance, a Russian speaker will have no difficulties to learn Czech because both languages belong to the same...

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Did you know? Czech Pronouns

English pronouns are mostly, and mercifully, uninflected. It means that they usually do not change their form. In Czech, however, if one wants to say you, one must choose between nine words: ty, tebe, tobě, tě, tebou, vy, vás, vám, vámi. This can sometimes...

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Learning Czech Has Become a Great Joy

There are some things that come naturally to Britons - standing on the right on escalators, mentioning the weather in every conversation, mentioning the world wars in conversations with Germans, that type of thing. Seemingly we are born with these gifts....

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How to Express Love in Czech

Happy VALENTÝN to everyone. Czechs are perhaps not as excited about Valentine's Day as Americans or Brits but it is becoming increasingly popular in the Czech Republic. Some of them think that it is too commercial and many would probably rather...

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Our Students and Their Professions

Teaching Czech as a foreign language is a joy. It is exciting, enriching and never boring. You constantly meet new people, listen to their life stories and learn new things from them. Additionally you help them to achieve their goals, which is probably the...

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Job Opportunity: Czech Language Teacher

Czech Language Club is looking for an experienced Czech language tutor to join their team. To apply, please email us your CV at Job description:  A private Czech teacher providing lessons in London and via Skype. The tutor will...

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