Happy VALENTÝN to everyone. Czechs are perhaps not as excited about Valentine’s Day as Americans or Brits but it is becoming increasingly popular in the Czech Republic. Some of them think that it is too commercial and many would probably rather climb the Petrin Hill on the 1st of May and kiss under the blooming tree. However, there are many Czech people who will do something nice and romantic today. If you are in love with a Czech person and want and impress them with your Czech, VALENTÝN is a great opportunity to tell them one of these phrases. We are sure they will find it sweet and appreciate it. You can also buy some ČOKOLÁDA and give them a nice VALENTÝNKA, which is always a good idea.


Because we are grammar experts we decided to give you a phrase for all 7 Czech cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, locative and instrumental).


LÁSKA V SEDMI PÁDECH (Love in 7 Cases)


  1. pád: KDO? CO?

Ty jsi moje láska. (You are my love.)


  1. pád: KOHO? ČEHO?

Nemůžu bez tebe žít! (I cannot live without you.)


  1. pád: KOMU? ČEMU?

Díky tobě jsem šťastný/á! (I’m happy thanks to you.)


  1. pád: KOHO? CO?

Miluji ! (I love you.)



Lásko! (My love!)


  1. pád: KOM? ČEM?

Sním o tobě! (I dream about you.)


  1. pád: KÝM? ČÍM?

Chci být jen s tebou! (I want to be only with you.)