Learning a language is such a valuable skill nowadays that its importance can no longer be denied. Not only is it just about learning a new skill, but it is also about enriching our lives as well.

With the recent Corona outbreak, all businesses, schools and universities are operating online. Online classes are believed to continue school at homes during coronavirus. This makes it even more crucial for people to work and study from home and collaborate with people of different nationalities online.

This article talks about how people can effectively study from home through online classes.

1. Why learn a new language online?
Learning a new language such as Czech can give the learner access to a whole new culture. It can unlock the doors to Czech cinema, literature, drama, music and art. Not to mention the joy of making new friends and being able to travel without the fear of being misunderstood and not being able to communicate with the local people. But are the traditional methods of learning language sufficient for this purpose?

2. Experiencing cultural immersion even while staying close to home

If anyone wants to learn foreign language speaking, then the best way to do so is by immersing oneself in that culture. Now due to the corona outbreak, it is not possible to travel all the way from their city to the Czech Republic in order to learn Czech. It would not only cost a lot but would be entirely impractical. This is where online classes can help a lot. Also, there are many ways in which one can experience cultural immersion even while staying close to home.

3. Make friends with a native speaker
One of the easiest ways is to make a friend who speaks the language you want to learn, and then spend time with them. The key to the success of this method is to make sure that you speak in Czech or whichever language you are learning. There are many benefits of using this approach to language learning. You will get the opportunity to hear the words as they are spoken by a native speaker.

4. Online learning allows you to absorb and internalise the natural accent
The problem with most online language learning methods is that they do not give the real native speaker experience. The voice is usually computer generated or spoken by someone who is a non-native speaker with the ability to mimic an accent. When you speak with a native speaker who is also a friend, there is a certain degree of relaxation and openness. This allows you to absorb and internalise the natural accent.

5. Engage in relevant indoor activities

Another opportunity that you can benefit while staying at home due to the corona outbreak is to engage in relevant activities. For example, a Czech-speaking friend would normally prefer doing activities that are native to his or her culture. They would more likely try out Czech cuisine or read Czech novels. This would give you a lot of opportunities to immerse yourself in French culture and learn various nuances of the culture and everyday living.

6. Gaining natural fluency by regularly speaking with someone from the local culture
You will also pick up vocabulary that is just not possible through the use of regular language lessons in a language centre. In such environments, the focus is on acquiring functional knowledge or just enough ability to pass a test or assessment. Gaining natural fluency is only possible by regularly speaking with someone from the local culture.

7. Exposure to Czech Pop Culture
If none of the above options are workable for you. And there are no Czech-speaking people in your area, then the next best alternative is to immerse yourself in Czech pop culture. YouTube is a good option where you can get lots of content in the Czech language. Depending on your choice, you can select from Czech music, cartoons, movies, sitcoms and even soaps. By regularly watching such programs, you will learn how Czech phrases and words are used in the daily life of the characters or the colloquial way of expressing your thoughts in Czech.

To wrap up
Learning any new language is also a great mental exercise. Studies have shown that learning a new language keeps your brain active and even prevents the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s. But the trick is to use the language like a native, in everyday use.


Ashlie Lopez