Get Inspired: Famous Foreigners Speaking Czech

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Language Articles

Are you planning to move to the Czech Republic? Then you are probably already learning Czech, right? If you have not started yet, do not panic. There are many foreigners living in Prague who do not speak Czech at all. Prague is such an international city so you can simply speak English almost everywhere (not that easy outside of the capital though). However, we think that you can really explore our country and nation only if you actually speak Czech. We know that it is not an easy language to learn but it will open you many secret doors you have never dreamt of. Even if your future job is in English, knowing Czech will make such a big difference and Czechs will really appreciate it.

Although we do not have millions of foreigners like other European countries, there are thousands of people who moved to the Czech Republic and fell in love with our country. Many of them even became famous. They all had to learn Czech. Some of them still make mistakes and have a strong accent but that does not matter. They all love speaking Czech and that is what matters. We have chosen some people who are famous in the Czech Republic. Watch them speaking Czech and get inspired. You never know. You might become famous in the Czech Republic too. It is much easier here comparing to bigger countries.


Chantal Poullain

Actress (herečka) from France (z Francie)

She has lived in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) since 1987.


Osmany Laffita

Fashion designer (módní návrhář) from Cuba (z Kuby)

He has lived in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) since 1987.


Tonya Graves

Singer (zpěvačka) from America (z Ameriky)

She has lived in the Czech Republic since 1995.


Anife Ismet Hassan Vyskočilová

Dancer and actress (tanečnice a herečka) from Bulgaria (z Bulharska)

She has lived in the Czech Republic since 1996.