Czech Words That Make You Sound More Fluent

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Language Articles

Do you want to sound more natural in Czech? We might have a little shortcut for you. Using words called “interjections” can make you sound like a native speaker. These clever words are commonly used by Czechs for expressing strong feelings and sudden emotions. Common words like “ouch” or “wow” are included in almost every conversation. Unfortunately you do not find them in many textbooks. Some teachers believe that interjections are the least important part of speech. Of course, nouns, adjectives and verbs are more important than interjections, however we think that mastering interjections will help you to be more fluent.

An interjection is a word solely designed to convey emotion. It expresses meaning or feeling. If you use them in the right context, people around you will be shocked because students are usually not expected to know them. Let’s have a look at some. Try to use them when you want to express surprise, disgust, joy, excitement and enthusiasm.

Aha (aha) – an exclamation of understanding, realization, invention, or recognition

Aha. Teď už tomu rozumím.

Ach jo (oh dear) – an expression of dismay, concern, worry, disappointment or disapproval

Ach jo, dneska zase prší! 

Jauvajs (auch) – an expression of pain

Jauvajs! Moje koleno. To bolí!

Au (ouch) – an expression of pain

Au, moje hlava!

Baf (boo) – it is used to scare people by surprise

Baf!!!! Ježiš, co blbneš. To jsem se lekl! 

Brr (brrr) – an expression used for saying that you feel cold

Brr, to je dneska zima.

Fuj (yuck) – an expression of disgust, dislike

Fuj! To mléko je zkažené.

Hele (look) – pointing something or someone

Hele, tamhle je Pavel!      

 (yey) – an exclamation used to express joy, excitement, cheering, congratulations, triumph etc.

Jé, to je super zpráva! Gratuluju.

(wow) – used for showing that you are very surprised or impressed by something

Jú. To je krásné miminko.

Ježiši / Ježišikriste (Jesus Christ) – used for expressing surprise or anger

Ježišikriste! Co se ti stalo?

Juchú (yee-haw) – an expression of joy or excitement

Juchú. Udělala jsem tu zkoušku!

Jupí (yippee) – an expression of happiness and excitement

Jupí. Jedeme k moři!     

Mňam (yummy) – used when something is very pleasing to the senses; delicious

Mňam. Ten řízek je výborný!

Na (here you go) – take this; this is for you; here is the thing you asked for

Na, vezmi si ještě jeden knedlík. 

Pšt (shh) – used for telling someone to stop talking or to be less noisy

Pšt. Snažím se číst.