Workshops in Prague

Unique Way How to Learn Czech in the Czech Capital

Do you want to experience a different way of learning that makes you forget that you are being taught? Are you bored with classrooms, textbooks and homework? We believe that learning languages should be fun, so we have invented innovative methods to teach Czech through a variety of activities outside of a classroom. Whether you like books, cooking, design or games, you can join us, learn and have fun. We offer a range of workshops aimed at different purposes. Although they all cover different subjects, they are focused on communication, creativity and discovering.

We offer a variety of Czech language workshops in Prague. All our lessons are right in the heart of the city in cafés, museums, galleries, restaurants and many other places. You will find that you have the perfect location to see the sights and have a great time while improving your Czech.

2 hours workshop

900Kč/120 min

1,5 hours workshop

700 Kč/90 min


Czech Through Literature

During our literary workshops students practice their reading skills, enrich vocabulary, discover the beauty of Czech literature and learn how to talk about books. Students always receive literary texts in advance. A suggested level is A2 or higher. However, everyone who can read the text is welcome.

Walking Prague

Our unique short courses and tours in Prague are for everyone who wants not just to learn the language but also discover the Czech capital. Our workshops are organised by native speakers who live in Prague. Walk with us and try the combination of language learning and exploring picturesque streets!


Culinary Czech

We call on all food-lovers who want to talk about food shopping and eating. At our workshops students enrich their food vocabulary, draw up their shopping lists, go shopping, learn new recipes and, from time to time, meet over a Czech meal. Our culinary workshops are for students at all levels.

Czech Museum Evenings

Interactive evening workshops in museums where students learn how to talk about different topics, like history, crafts, arts, nature, science etc. These workshops are for everyone who wants to develop their conversational skills and learn in interesting surroundings with like-minded people.


Czech Through Games

Playful language workshops where adults are encouraged to learn Czech through a variety of games. Students encounter Czech games, like “tichá pošta”, “šibenice”, “člověče nezlob se”, “bingo”, “žolík”, “kufr” and many others. Workshops are in Prague’s cafés. They are for students at all levels who want to return to their childhood years.

Czech Through Art

At our art workshops students learn how to describe different art objects, enrich their vocabulary and learn about key Czech art works. Workshops are located in the extraordinary surroundings of galleries in Prague. They are for all students who love art and design and want to be able to talk about it.

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