Czech Courses for Adults

Weekend Lessons in Streatham and Barnes

Do you want to learn Czech, have fun and make friends?

Join our classes in Streatham or Barnes

Learning Czech takes time and effort but we believe that everyone can become fluent. We teach through the activities that you love – watching films, listening to music, cooking, travelling, playing games, and reading. With us, you discover Czech culture and learn language in context. Our lessons are very practical. We use snippets from every day life (shopping lists, leaflets, text messages, emails, notes, and jokes).

Saturday Course at Okénko

Sunday Course at Velehrad

“Effective and enjoyable Czech lessons given by Michaela and Blanka. We are a small group of guys with Czech wives/partners and meet every week as a small group for informal and fun lessons.”


The number of Czech people living in London

The number of Czech jokes you can tell your friends

The number of delicious Czech meals you can order in Czech