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I have been learning Czech for my job for almost a year and a half and I am so glad that it’s with Michaela. I have studied other languages in similar settings and can honestly say that classes with Michaela are of the highest standard and I am so happy with my progress. She makes learning a difficult language that little bit easier and classes with her are really the best part of my day. Professional, friendly and a really great teacher, 100% recommend.

Luke D.

Michaela is by far the most patient, understanding, and capable language teacher I have ever encountered.  She remains very professional, provides me positive feedback and reinforcement, and always finds a way to help me and my learning difficulties.  As we follow each lesson, she finds ways to present them to me that work very well.  

Victor L.

I have been studying Czech with Michaela for 2 years, initially in a class, then later by Skype when I moved overseas. In spite of time zone differences, she has bent over backwards to facilitate my learning. This has proven a highly effective learning method for me. I have become increasingly comfortable understanding and speaking the language. Conversations with Czech friends and family are now possible with thanks to Michaela. She is friendly, intelligent and passionate about language learning. 

Adrian P.

Great place for Czech lessons. I’ve had lessons from a number of sources and this is by far the best.

Tom H.

Very high quality tuition.

Sebastian P.

I had really struggled with learning Czech for some time when I decided to have one-to-one lessons with Michaela. Our classes quickly became one of the very best parts of my week and still are, several years later. She is an incredibly kind, patient and intelligent teacher and I truly cannot recommend her highly enough. If you want to learn Czech in an engaging way that moves at the right pace for you, go to Michaela. 

Rebecca B.

I would rate Michaela very highly. She is an outstanding teacher, who puts a lot of thought, effort and preparation into each class. She is a very personable and friendly person and this makes each lesson fun, interesting and productive. She is always really patient and encouraging, as well as being flexible to meet up at a time that suits. 

David G.

I started learning Czech with Michaela in London in 2015. It was the best and most fun language class I have ever been to. Michaela is an excellent teacher, absolutely committed and very understanding of all the mistakes we students keep making. Beyond that, she is a lovable, friendly and cheerful person, who will always make the class good fun. I wish her all the best, and will definitely come back for more Czech courses with Michaela. 

Nicole V.

I have been studying Czech with the Czech Language Club for nearly two years, and I can say with 100% certainty that they are by far the best Czech language school in the country. Over the years, I have used a number of other schools, but none come anywhere close to CLC in the quality of their teaching. The teachers are incredibly passionate and dedicated, and they really care about their students. Lessons are well-structured and organised and you can see tangible results. I whole heartedly recommend them!

Molly H.

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