Our Team

The Czech Language Club was founded by creative, professional and friendly tutors who have devoted their lives to language teaching. We have worked at different schools around the UK, including the University of Oxford, UCL, the Czech Centre, the London Language Studio and the Czech School without Borders. We come from different linguistic backgrounds, which makes our team creative, diligent and harder-working. After years of teaching Czech and developing learning materials, we decided to put our knowledge together and create a unique Czech language learning community.

Kristýna Fišerová, MA

Czech Courses for Children and Adults

Michaela Konečná, MA

Private Lessons for Adults

Eliška Mollová, BA

Private Lessons for Children and Adults

Pavla Sýkorová, MSc

Czech Skype Lessons

Tereza Pletichová, BSc

Private Lessons for Children

Andrea Seidlerová, BA

Czech Children Sessions

Markéta Kimlová, MA

Czech Courses for Children and Adults


Alena Šunavská, MA, PGCE


Kateřina Vlachová, MA

Czech Skype Lessons

Kamila Sekaninová, MA

Czech Children Sessions

Klára Škeříková, MA

Czech Courses for Adults