Our Philosophy

Learning Czech is like playing a game. We spend time learning the rules, drilling the techniques and memorising the paths. But sometimes we want to give up even before the game starts. Why? Perhaps because we just do not know how to learn? The Czech language may look incredibly difficult to some of us. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a difficult language. In fact, the real challenge is not the language itself; it is knowing how to learn it. During the years of teaching, we have developed tools and techniques which are effective and fun to use. Not only do we teach you Czech, we teach you how to learn. Let’s learn how to play by the Czech rules. It is not an easy job. In fact, it can be the biggest challenge in our life. If you want to learn this game, never settle for an easy option instead of having fun. With us, Czech will become your constant companion and will stay in your head and heart. We believe that if you love Czech, you learn faster.

Creative Learning

The best way to master the Czech language is to fall in love with it. Once your learning becomes a part of your life you stop thinking about the destination and enjoy the journey. We are here to teach you through the activities that you love – watching films, listening to music, cooking, playing games or reading. With us, students discover Czech culture and learn language in context.

Friendly Approach

Learning Czech, or any language, takes time and effort, but we believe that everyone can become fluent with our caring, friendly and enthusiastic tutors. They are not only teachers but guides and mentors. The friendly atmosphere is essential for us. Our tutors encourage their students’ independence in learning and show them how to learn effectively from the very beginning. 




We believe in delivering academic excellence. Our team consists of linguists who have devoted their lives to teaching Czech. We are involved in research and developing learning materials. Our tutors focus on different linguistic areas, including second language acquisition, phonetics and bilingualism. A high standard, punctuality and professionalism are essential.