Czech Language Club

Global Community of People Learning Czech

Our Story

The very first idea of starting a language school was born in 2015 in London. There was passion for teaching and enthusiasm at the beginning. We were teaching in different schools and institutes across the city at that time. There were established classes and courses in the UK but we wanted to create something different, something slightly more playful and creative. Our aim was to build a community of students who can share their stories, learn together and socialise. We organised one-to-one sessions, conversation workshops, a club for bilingual children, courses for English speaking parents, film screenings and other cultural events.

Over the years some of us moved out of London and we expanded our lessons to workshops in Prague. Our students who were visiting the Czech capital started to have conversational sessions in Prague cafés, restaurants and galleries which was like a treat after numerous hours spent on learning Czech at home. 

The global pandemic in 2020 closed the doors of our classes and forced us to start teaching exclusively online. At first, it looked like we were to close our school, however, we decided to explore all the options of online learning instead. We decided to move almost all our learning online. 

The main goal of the Czech Language Club is to be a platform for anyone learning Czech. We are here to provide online tuition, guidance and resources. We are ready to assist bilingual families as well as students who wish to take a language exam. 


I have been learning Czech for my job for almost a year and a half and I am so glad that it’s with Michaela. I have studied other languages in similar settings and can honestly say that classes with Michaela are of the highest standard and I am so happy with my progress. She makes learning a difficult language that little bit easier and classes with her are really the best part of my day. Professional, friendly and a really great teacher, 100% recommend.