Czech Language Club

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Learning Czech is like playing a game

We spend time learning the rules, drilling the techniques and memorising the paths. But sometimes we want to give up even before the game starts. Why? Perhaps because we just do not know how to learn? The Czech language may look incredibly difficult to some of us. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a difficult language. In fact, the real challenge is not the language itself; it is knowing how to learn it. During the years of teaching, we have developed tools and techniques which are effective and fun to use. Not only do we teach you Czech, we teach you how to learn. Let’s learn how to play by the Czech rules.


I have been learning Czech for my job for almost a year and a half and I am so glad that it’s with Michaela. I have studied other languages in similar settings and can honestly say that classes with Michaela are of the highest standard and I am so happy with my progress. She makes learning a difficult language that little bit easier and classes with her are really the best part of my day. Professional, friendly and a really great teacher, 100% recommend.