Czech is Cool

Czech has a reputation for being an extremely difficult language. Is it really that difficult? Yes, I suppose it is but it should not discourage you from learning it. Czech is a good option for someone who wants to try something different.

Cool Diacriticsˇˇ

We use beautiful diacritic symbols ˇ (háček) and (čárka) which make texts look cool.

Lištička, lžička, kříž, šneček, šiška, kočička, žížala

Long Words

Although we do not have as long words as Germans do, we take pleasure in creating long words. Using prefixes and suffixes is our hobby. Once you learn their meaning, you can create many new words.

Nejkulaťoulinkatější, nejnezapamatovávatelnější

Lots of Consonants

Sometimes we just do not need vowels at all. And saying words without using vowels can sound really funny, like a hissing kettle.

Strč prst skrz krk


Czech can be extremely creative. You can move words in the sentence as you wish and slightly change the meaning.

Petr loves Jane – Petr miluje Janu. Janu miluje Petr. 


Only 10,5 million of Czechs and a some students know how to pronounce the evil “ř”. Mastering it will make you really special.

Řízek, čtyři, křižovatka, příbor, křeslo

Never Boring

Your name can possibly have fourteen different variations because we inflect nouns.

Hana, bez Hany, k Haně, Hanu, Hano, o Haně, s Hanou…


Every noun in Czech has a gender. A table is HE, a chair is SHE, a beer is IT. You will create sentences like “Take some water, you’ll need HER later.” which look odd in English but completely normal in Czech.

Kamarád/kamarádka, kolega/kolegyně

Cute Deminutives

As I mentioned, we love suffixes. By using some suffixes, you can slightly change a meaning of words. For example adding –ek ,–iček,–ka, or –čka makes the word look small or cute.

Stůl – stolek, myš – myška, Tom – Tomík, brouk – brouček, žába – žabička

No, no, no

Saying “no” only once is sometimes not enough. We love multiple negatives. When you really dislike something you can express it quite strongly in Czech, saying something like “I never had not liked nothing from KFC.”

Nikdy mi nechutnalo nic z KFC. Nevidím vůbec nic. Nikdy nic neumím. Nikdy nemám žádné otázky. 


People often say that what comes easy won’t last but what lasts won’t come easy. If you want a life-long experience, go for Czech.