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Czech Language School based in London and Prague

We are a Czech language school providing private Czech tuition for adults and children in London and Prague. We believe that learning languages should become a hobby therefore we have developed unique teaching methods and specifically designed intensive programmes, which are best suited for students who want to speak fluently and with confidence. We offer private courses for individual students, who wish to learn language to a fluent level, pass an exam or study at university, as well as sessions for adults and children from bilingual families where Czech is spoken as a second language. Our students are from 12 different countries, learning for different purposes.

“Our Czech classes quickly became one of the very best parts of my week and still are, several years later.”

Rebecca Bell, V&A/Royal College of Art

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Private Lessons in London

Bespoke one-to-one Czech lessons in central London.


Workshops in Prague

Creative Czech sessions and workshops in Prague.


Czech Online Lessons

Specially tailored conversational Czech Skype lessons worldwide.

Experienced Tutors

We are a team of highly experienced tutors who have devoted their lives to teaching Czech. Our tutors have worked at different school in the Czech Republic and around the UK, including the University of Oxford, UCL and the Czech Centre. 


Creative Environment

  As we believe that learning languages should be fun, we have created enjoyable environments where mistakes are welcomed, and where jokes and games are a must. Our lessons include songs, films, food and other snippets of Czech culture.

Unique Techniques

We have developed teaching methods that enable students to communicate without difficulties on a daily basis. Our students learn how to understand, express themselves and think in Czech. We teach in Czech right from the very beginning.

Language Projects

Our main goal is to introduce students to ways of using Czech creatively and with confidence, therefore we have created workshops where students learn outside of the classroom and language develops naturally alongside fun activities.

“My lessons were great: A highly competent teacher, modern methods and personalized lessons, entertaining and motivating.”

Dominik Furgler, Swiss Ambassador

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